Define Insure

Define Insure | Definition of Insure

insured; insuring
transitive verb
1 : to provide or obtain insurance on or for
2 : to make certain especially by taking necessary measures and precautions
intransitive verb
: to contract to give or take insurance

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Examples of insure in a Sentence

    He found the language not obscene … but did find it intentionally disruptive, and held that school officials had the right to insure that a high-school assembly proceed in an orderly manner, without hoots and howls and all that snickering. —William Safire,  New York Times Magazine,  24 Aug. 1986
    … his sudden fame probably insured a backlash. —Calvin Tomkins,  New Yorker,  6 Dec. 1982
    The fact that by supplying his uncle with an amusing mistress he would insure against any awkward second marriage was merely a fortunate coincidence. —Mollie Hardwick,  Emma, Lady Hamilton,  1969

    We insured our house against fire and flood damage.

    I found a company that will insure my car for less than I've been paying.

    This policy will insure your car against theft.

    She had difficulty finding a company that would insure her.

    They take great care to insure the safety and security of their home.

    We hope that careful planning will insure success.

verb (used with object), in·sured, in·sur·ing.

    to guarantee against loss or harm.
    to secure indemnity to or on, in case of loss, damage, or death.
    to issue or procure an insurance policy on or for.

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